Where to buy a pet in Kuwait

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Where to buy a pet in Kuwait. All right this seems to be a very challenging question across my friends and family. But hey do not panic! You have found the right place to read about it in here.

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So you have finally decided to buy a pet but not quite sure from where. Before i start telling you guys where, Please DO NOT even think of going to Friday market and try to grab a cheap cat or dog or rabbit & bring it home directly. This is a very dangerous action i would not recommend.

First of all , many of these animals are either caught in streets all around or have diseases. I have seen 4 cats in the same cage in July (yes its summer in Kuwait) with no or rare water, limited nutrition. These animals are not vaccinated & have mostly diseases that you will likely to bring them with you home.

Any pet should be first be brought to the Vet , clinic , or animal hospital, checked and then your Vet will tell you if its ok or not. Owning a cat or a dog is like your family member, you care for them right.

ok ok . From where can you buy your Pet in Kuwait?

The answer is as follow:

  • Every Friday between 1PM and 5PM , PetZone offer donation from various pet owners to giveaway or sel their pet. check it out, my 2 friends got nice kittens and a dog from there
  • Go to every Vet in Kuwait & seek their classified ads to see who wish to donate his/her pet
  • Consult the Instagram (they keep chnagign the names) but depending on your search, you will find tons of owners that have something for you.
  • Sultan center has always ads on the wall offering various pet for sale or donate.
  • Finally, for whatever you decide, please make sure to ask the owner for a legit vaccination an the pet book of records, ensure you take your pet to thge nearest Vet shop & check it out (yes before bringing it home).
  • You may contact us by submitting via the contact Us page & we will be happy to help you.
  • Good luck

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