Why Swimming Is Important?

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Speedo Swim Technique – Breaststroke

Why Swimming Is Important?

Swimming is important because it is a form of exercise that aids the body in burning calories and fat and it is is great for maintaining your body tone. Unlike most forms of exercise, swimming can be done even in old age.

Swimming is great exercise. You are much lighter in the water, so for example say you were running the mile in school. You can run for few minutes, and most likely will get tired, or start to feel it, but in swimming, you can move your legs in a fast motion, and will not feel it for hours. It burns calories, and is considered one of the best exercises. It does not jar your joints like basketball, jogging, or tennis. Unlike golf and bowling, it keeps you moving for a length of time, rather than having you expend energy and then rest. This is important for cardiovascular fitness in that it allows one to pump blood and oxygen more efficiently. Swimming also exercises both upper and lower body muscles at the same time, something that some other sports do not do, and it burns 350 to 420 calories per hour.



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