What is RFID – Using RFID in Human

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What is RFID?
RFID is “Radio frequency identification” used for technologies that practice radio waves to automatically recognize objects & even Humans. There are various systems of identification, but the most communal is to store a serial number that identifies a person and possibly other information, on a microchip that is attached to an antenna. The reader converts the radio waves reflected back from the RFID tag into digital information that can then be passed on to computers that can make use of it.

How does RFID works?
RFID system contains tag which is made up of a microchip with attached to antenna, and an interrogator or reader with an antenna. The reader sends out electromagnetic signals. The tag antenna is tuned to receive these waves. A passive RFID tag draws power from field created by the reader and uses it to power the microchip circuit. The chip moderates the waves that the tag sends back to the reader and the reader converts the new waves into digital data enabling it to be readable.

Any health risks associated with RFID?
RFID uses the low of the electromagnetic spectrum. It has no major impact of any risk.

Will RFID be used in Human?

According to The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the country’s first RFID Tags that can be implanted in humans. chips could save lives and possibly limit injuries from errors in medical treatments, according to VeriChip Corp., a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions Inc. The FDA approval was disclosed Tuesday during a conference call with investors.


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