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What i like in this travel blog is its natural & genuine galleries available that helps everyone choose from different destinations around the world. Indeed hello 965 is a fascinating journey of discovery that covers destinations across the globe & for those who are in love with food, you have a nice part of your choice to enjoy the large amount of photos in this blog.

Personally, i must check hello965 every week to see what is new cuz i just love it.



Hello965 is a beautiful travel blog. posting all kind of traveling trips & experiences. Additionally, Hello965 post about places they never been but know trusted sources to gather the information from.

Main Blogger at Hello965 are:

Toomzie – An optimist who works in the real estate field, obsessed with technology, food and living life to its fullest.

Rotsu – We do it because sharing knowledge with the world is worth it.

We blog about destinations, hotels, restaurants, and other travel related information. If you need a personalized consultation for your next trip? We do that too! But that will be with an additional small charge. Shoot us an email via Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we could!



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