Facebook ending its email service

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FB email service no longerFacebook ends its @facebook.com email address service due to low users usage.

Couple of years ago, Facebook unveils its new email service enabling users to have their own @facebook.com email address.

For many it was the so called “next generation email messaging” and described as personal & innovative.

Today the giant social network has terminated this service due to the fact that Facebook themselves admitted no one is using heavily this service as such “facebook email”. probably if you already have your own Hotmail & Gmail account, why on earth would you add another email or cancel your old ones to create  new one?

Most of you will now be asking but hat will happen to my messages that are already stored in my Facebook Inbox? The answer is simply, all your previous emails will be forwarded to your primary email address that you have used to create your Facebook account.

Frankly i have forgotten that this service is even existed , obviously its been killed by Facebook th2mselves.




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