Cicret Smart Bracelet

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Cicret Smart Bracelet


Cicret Smart Bracelet

Smart devices are popping up everywhere, but this is the first time we’ve seen when they literally become an extension of yourself: your very arm is the screen.

What you see in these pictures is the Cicret, a bracelet meant to work as an alternative to Google Glass and other smartwatch devices. The Cicret Bracelet by Cicret turns your whole arm into a giant display for your gadgets, ensuring that you never have an issue with a screen being too small again. The gadget projects a mobile’s display over your skin, but also detects touch input so you can keep your phone safely stored in your bag or pockets. Could this be the ultimate solution to dropping your phone in the toilet?

If this bracelet becomes a reality, we will be able to use it to interact with our favorite apps, remotely control our smartphone. We have to wait for other few months to see the real product. Hope it will be good and it’s proving people are thinking the world different manner. Will wait and see…


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